X++ Class to Convert WebForm to Asp.net AX User control

As you all know from Version 5.0 EP development should be done in visual studio.
this means all the existing webforms developed in version 4.0 should be converted to asp.net ax user control.
This could have been taken care during the upgrade process , but unfortunately its not.

So please download the following class to convert the webforms to asp.net ax user control. this class has been developed by MS , but i don't know how come they have missed to include the same in AOT.
Not an issue , now you can do the same by downloading the following class.

Download SysEPWebFormConverter

Note Pre-requisite :
In order to test ,please create two webform named as WebForm1 and webForm2.
When you run the class you will find the new project containing converted asp.net ax user control in the project.


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