AX 2012 - Editor tips and tricks for fast development/coding

Hi Friends,

Long back i seen video on new improvements made to existing X++ Editor. Lot of features have been introduced to get look and feel of visual studio editor.
Among all, I am very much impressed with 'Inserting Code Snippets' feature.
           - During coding in editor, if you want to create main method
           - You will make use of template and select main method or construct
           - But in 2012, just type main and click tab will insert main method prototype.

So thought of making video for same, watch it

Really you will enjoy this new feature and finish development much faster compare to 2009.

"Need is mother of all innovations"


Dynamics AX 2012 - X++ code to create General Journal

static void Demo_CreateGLJournal(Args _args)
    AxLedgerJournalTable journalTable;
    AxLedgerJournalTrans journalTrans;
    container            accEntryPattern;
    container            offSetEntryPattern;

    journalTable = new AxLedgerJournalTable();
    journalTrans = new AxLedgerJournalTrans();

    //Journal Name


    //LedgerDimension  => Ledgeraccount, DAX 2009
    accEntryPattern = ["601501", "601501", 0];


    //OffsetLedgerDimension => OffsetLedgerAccount,  DAX 2009
    offSetEntryPattern = ["401100", "401100", 0];
    journalTrans.parmOffsetAccountType(LedgerJournalACType:: Ledger );
    journalTrans.parmOffsetLedgerDimension(AxdDimensionUtil::getLedgerAccountId( offSetEntryPattern));;

    info(strFmt("Journal %1 created", journalTable.ledgerJournalTable().JournalNum));

How to post with Financial dimensions:

Format : 
["DisplayValue", "MainAccount", NumberOfDimensions, "DimensionName", "DimensionValue"];

accEntryPattern = ["601501-Test", "601501", 1, "Department", "OU_1"]

Enjoy exploring 2012 :)

Enable/Disable Fact boxes, Preview Panes in AX2012 UX

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, if you want to disable factboxes/preview panes across application then you can do so.
It's not recommended to do this activity but this will help in troubleshooting performance issues assoicated with opening forms in ax2012 by controlling 'Timeout' parameter as below.

Go to ->System Administration->Setup->Client performance options

Visit  Ax2012-client-performance-options for detailed explaination by Ax performance team.

Thanks axperf team :)