UtilElements System Table , Objects usage log table in ax .

UtilElements stores the meta-data of all the AOT objects and even this table can also be used as log for tracking creation and modification of AOT objects.
And UtilElements is not RDBMS Table , whereas it uses filesystem to store data.

AOT Path for all system tables : \AOT\System Documentation\Tables\
Can be used for ..

1. To track the object creation and modification during development. i,e When you create a new or modify existing node in AOT , like table,field,report,index etc ax kernel creates/updates records in UtilElements table .

2. Even forms/reports accessed by the end-user can be tracked .

Limitation of this log table is we can't track the deleted objects in AOT.

So if you want to track who modified what object , this is the best place to look in.

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