AX 2012 - How to debug Code in Visual Studio

This post basically addresses how to debug code in Visual studio.
Most of code running on AOS runs in CIL environment, so it cannot be debugg in Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugger.
You might have confused/surprised why ax debugger is not opening inspite of  inserting breakpoint at particular place. It means code might be running in CIL and to debug visual studio 2010 is required.

Make sure AOS Service runs on account which you logged in. Right click on AOS Service and change log on property to logged in windows credentials.
Log off windows and then re log in.          

Open visual studio and click on AX Application explorer (Shortcut Ctrl + D)
AOT opens and you can browse nodes as you used to do in Dynamics AX.
Open the object which you want to debug and insert breakpoint.

Then in Visual studio, Click on Debug->Attach process

As shown in above image, First make sure two check boxes at bottom are marked.
Then only you can find and able to select AX32Serv.exe(AOS)  process and click on attach button.

Note : When you are doing this step 3 for first time it prompts you to Restart Visual studio, kindly select the same option.

You done with setting up visual studio to debug code running in CIL.
Now restrart process in Dynamics AX which you want to debugg and you can find Visual studio debugger opened for you.
Continue debugging with hotkeys as you use to do in AX debugger like F10/F11.

Happy Debugging :)

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