How to Create new Role Center in DAX 2009

Role center is  EnterPrise Portal Page which is used to show data , reports, pending activities and awaiting actions as per user role in the company.
Means whenever ax starts User will get homepage where he will see the data as per his role in the organization and can be personalized further to suit his requirements.
In order to have this feature available one should install and configure EP on his/her machine/server.
 After Installation do following steps,
  1.  Once you done with RoleCenter and EP installation ,
  2.  Go to Basic->Setup->RoleCenter-->Initialize Role Center will get some default profiles 
  3.  Admin-->Setup->User Profiles , click button Import and select from AOT
  4.  Default profiles (Role Centers) will be imported and You can start using by adding your userid to that select profile.
  5. Restart the AX Client and wait till default Home Page get load.

In Order to Create New RoleCenter in DAX 2009 , Have a look in following snap..

As shown in the figure, nodes under Develop the content are different components that are used to represent various data like SSRS Report , OLAP Cube for Data in BarChart etc.                      
It doesn't mean that all these are mandatory steps while creating new role center. For testing purpose just make use of Cue as specified in below image.

  Enjoy with your new role center !!!!!!!

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  1. Dear Raj in Document Library list i am getting only Shared Documents in dropdown not Enterprise Portal as shown in the above image for creating New Role Center.Please help me out.
    Thank You

    Hari Santhosh


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