X++ Code Optimzation

Following are the coding tips to improve your Axapta system's performance:
1. Smart Joins : Try to Use Joins instead of nested while loop
wherever possible.
2. Select Statement : Mention the field names in the select statement
instead of feteching entire row , this will reduce
data amount to transfer from database.
e.g " Select Itemid from inventTable "

3. Display Methods : Make sure that generic display methods should be
moved at table level and cached by
4. Local caching : Use Variables for storing the constantly used
caculated values in loop , by doing so you can
reduce the calls to the database and different
5. Monitor the Database Calls : For bulk records
updation,deletion,insertion use
RecordSet Based operator like
update_recordset , delete_from and insert_recordset .
6. Aggregate Function: Use sum, avg, minof, maxof and count where
applicable. Because this can utilize the database’s
built-in function instead of calculating and analyse
data in Axapta.

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